asnarkytree said: If you die, i’ll kill you!

Over my dead body!

Car Crash Protip

There’s a good chance you won’t tell right away that you have whiplash.

It’s kind of like getting a sunburn. You leave the beach feeling confident in your sunscreen abilities, and then the next day wake up a roast duck.

(If you do not have the skin of a vampire on a diet, think of a friend who does)

If you’re not sure you have it, it usually shows up after 24 hours. And if your arms feel numb and tingly, see someone right away.

(though it can show up even years later so get your insurance claims in place)

And you CAN get a prior warning when your neck feels weird and even buzzy right after the accident for a few minutes.

Ok, protip over.

sketchythechangelingsmod said: Plus can I just say you’ve gotten a lot of important school stuff done? I mean thats really hard and you’ve gotten through it like a champ.

That’s true. I actually graduated a thing, and got good marks. And that’s an overly simplistic summary.

I guess it’s silly to wish I had gotten more outside work done.


I mean, my life is good. It’s actually really really good.

It just has a lot of well aimed frustrations.

But I really shouldn’t take things I can’t control as a mark against my own self worth, and especially I can’t feel bad when I feel like I should overcome them and I can’t. Some things are just too exhausting to fight.

But I will keep fighting, and I’m going to do my best with what I have, and not get so caught up with worrying that I’ll fail.

I mean technically you can wipe out on a skateboard and not injure yourself, by positioning yourself right and watching your balance. But you’re likely not going to. And no one’s going to look at you and go ‘well you wouldn’t be bleeding if you just didn’t wipe out in the first place”.

Your life is not a bust, you're going to college to be an animator. You run a successful ask blog with almost 2 thousand followers, who love and care about you. You are highly successful and only have amazing things before you so please, stop thinking of the failures of today, and think of the greatness of that came from your past, and see the greatness of your tomorrow.


I just remembered again that you are best tree.

Do you know what that’s it.

This summer was a bust art-wise

Last school year was a bust art-wise

My life is a bust

I can’t find a sitting position right now that’s actually comfortable to draw with and while I’m not changing my standards, I’m accepting that my life is just not well formatted for long term projects. Literally the more motivation I put into things, the more difficulties I face in actually achieving them. Every time.

Still drawing Gargle, just feeling less mad about the lack of updates.


*aggressively designs OCs I’ll never use*

If you look carefully,

My blog is actually a timeline of stupid

asnarkytree said: I told you to get well soon Kaybee, this is what you get! :D no but please feel well, whiplash hurts. A lot

I did not listen to your instructions. I am a bad potato


So yup, textbook whiplash.

I know because I could feel myself stiffening overnight like leftover mash potatoes, but I’m not seeing a doctor until late afternoon. It’s not actually that bad, just kinda stiff and sore. The rest of the family is fine.